Choose from thousands of cars daily.

We have most of all Major Japanese Auction memberships in japan, USS, HAA, CAA, JU, LAA, TAA, etc, and have some local auction's, so we can help you to get your cars in those professional auction places. As you know the auction is the place for professional liscensed dealers participating to Buy&Sell Used Cars at Whole sale price. After all, It is the most "Reasonable shopping" method for importers and dealers to get the used cars at good price range.

At you can buy cars directly from all the major auctions in Japan, and can get it delivered right at your door step.

How Bidding Works at Auction

Every Auction Cars has Starting Price.
For instance, if the starting price is 100,000Yen, minimum bid you can bid is 100,000Yen. and maximum is according to your price limit *

For e.g. if car has a Starting price of 300,000 Yen and Your Maximum Price is 900,000 Yen, if the car is sold at 700,000 yen then you will get it at 700,000 Yen.

We will guide you about the current auction prices and will suggest you with a Maximum bid price, but final decision will be taken by you.

The higher price you bid on, the more opportunities you can get.


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